We care about your safety🥰

Cambly Announcement – June 3, 2021.

Dear tutors,

Our mission is to bring quality English education to every English learner in the world. In order to help learners get a feel of what it is like to learn English on Cambly, we have been offering students a chance to try Cambly for free through free trials before committing to a paid subscription.

Free trials help us attract more students, and having more students on Cambly means we can provide more tutoring opportunities for you!

Almost all free trial students are looking to learn English, and we also filter who can take a free trial lesson to ensure that people are serious about learning. However, we recognize that there is a small percentage of people who abuse the free trial program and commit offensive behaviors. When that happens, our tutors no longer feel that Cambly is a safe environment. 😢

As we grow, we continue to commit ourselves to tutor safety and create a safe, supportive and comfortable learning community for everyone on Cambly. As such, we’ve decided to remove the free trial program in most regions around the world. Free trials will only be offered in limited countries where students are serious about learning.

Thank you so much to all the tutors who took the time to write in to help us understand your situation and give us suggestions. We highly value our tutor community, as it is only through you that our students are able to receive quality English and transform their lives.

Thank you for your continued support as we explore other ways to ensure you a great experience as a tutor on Cambly! Learn more about how Cambly protects its tutors here, and learn when to use the Ban/Hide function here.


2 thoughts on “We care about your safety🥰

    1. Of course! We want to make sure that Cambly is a safe and enjoyable working environment, which involves protecting our tutors from anyone who is not serious about their English studies. Thank you for your comment, Victoria!

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