Introducing Cambly’s Updated Tutor Rating System

Dear tutors,

We are updating the way we calculate tutor ratings to give you more control over your rating!

What is the update? Tutor ratings will be calculated based on only the last 200 reviews you’ve received from your students, rather than all the ratings you’ve ever received on Cambly. Similar to before, unfair ratings, such as low ratings due to connection issues, will be removed from your rating calculation.

Why the update? This rating update is inspired by the feedback we received from you! Many of you noticed that the longer you tutor on Cambly, the harder it becomes to improve your rating even if your growing experience on Cambly earns you better ratings from your students. By only using the last 200 reviews, you’ll have more control over your rating no matter how long you’ve been on Cambly.

How will the update be rolled out? We recognize that tutor ratings are important to your experience on Cambly. That’s why this update is rolling out gradually to minimize disruption. The rating update will be completely rolled out on July 7th, 2021.

We strive to always listen to our tutors and create an enjoyable tutor experience. If you have any questions about the update, please see the Q&A section below. As always, if you have any further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to Tutor Support. We’re all ears!

Thank you and happy tutoring!



How will this update impact me?

The majority of Cambly tutors will see an increase in their ratings. Some tutors will see a drop, which is why the rollout is done gradually to minimize disruption to tutors. The good news is that with the update, it will now be easier to improve your rating as the calculation is only based on the last 200 reviews you’ve received from your students!

My tutor rating dropped. How can I increase my tutor rating?

We’re so sorry to hear your rating dropped. Please know that week-to-week fluctuation is normal. With the update, it will be easier to improve your rating, because we’re only looking at your most recent reviews! The best way to increase your rating is to deliver a good experience for your students. Read this tutor blog post by Molly, a supertutor with a 5.0 rating on what she did to increase her rating.

I am a Cambly Kids tutor. Will I have a separate Cambly Kids rating?

Currently, there isn’t a separate Cambly Kids rating. The rating shown on your Cambly Kids profile is still your Cambly rating. However, we are working on the best way to collect reviews from parents on Cambly Kids to ensure that your Cambly Kids rating is fair and constructive. Stay tuned!

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