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We are constantly thinking and working on ways to improve the Cambly tutor experience. Will you let us how we are doing by filling out this survey? Your feedback is valuable and will help us prioritize what we work on so we can better serve you!

To thank you, we will give away prizes to three lucky survey participants! You can choose to receive either a $50 gift card, or a Cambly swag box (mug, pen, notebook). Please fill out the feedback survey before 9AM PT, Wednesday, July 21st to be considered for the giveaway.

Fill out the two-minute survey here! Thank you!


4 thoughts on “We Want to Hear From You!

  1. My students have been requesting more articles to read and discuss. The courses that are provided don’t serve that need. Unless I’ve missed something. Could you put some articles just for reading in the library to meet this need? Thanks Rebecca Goble

    1. Hi, Beckaree! I know it is a little while after you posted this comment, but I would like to share a few article links with you that you may find helpful. I usually use the first one when students want to read something:






      I hope you find these helpful!

      Hope Rose

  2. I am loving using Cambly, speaking to beautiful children and interesting adults from across the world makes every weekend worth it. I teach at school during the week, so the weekend is mine to relax and have fun. Working with Cambly is exactly that logging on chatting to whoever pops up – having lots of fun with the children and relaxing conversations with the adults. I would really recommend this to everyone.
    I am interested to know if there are any differentiated lessons for children with learning difficulties and visual learners?

    1. Hi Margaret, I’m so happy to hear that you’re enjoying Cambly! It really is a lot of fun and the students are inspiring. At the moment we do not have specific lessons for learning challenges, but it is something that our curriculum team hopes to work on in the near future. On Cambly Kids, however, you can modify each lesson to fit the needs of the student, which includes some tweaks for learning difficulties. I hope this helps, and have an enjoyable week of tutoring! 🙂

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