Marketing Your Cambly Profile in 4 Easy Steps: Get Students to Call YOU

By: Tutor Molly

Realizing it or not, we as tutors market ourselves to students every day with our Cambly profiles. So, it’s critical that your profile stands out from the rest.

Have you ever wondered how students on Cambly pick which tutors they’re going to call?

How can you attract students that match your background and teaching expertise? 

I’m going to answer some of these pressing questions and give you four actionable steps you can take to ensure that students call YOU and keep calling back.

Marketing Yourself to Students in 4 Easy Steps on Cambly

After implementing these steps, I guarantee that the calls will be ringing off the hook with the students you’ve always dreamed of on the other end!

Step #1. Set Up Your Profile for Success

Let’s lay down some ground rules first: Have a friendly, smiling photo of yourself and a great, well-lit video! 

Your video is how you present yourself, so show off your personality, speaking, and your class’s general vibe. 

Take your time to prepare for and record this. The more prepared you are, the less scripted this will sound, so be yourself—be natural—and be friendly. 

Take some time to consider your teaching style, it could be:

  • Scholarly and professional
  • Patient and kind
  • Fun and bubbly
  • Chill and laid back

In your video, share a sneak peek of what the students can expect from a class with you. 

New students can be nervous and want to feel comfortable with their tutors. So don’t forget to smile! 

On your tutor profile, be sure to include all key points about yourself and your experience in your tutor Bio. If you have any teaching certificates, you can list them on your profile. 

Last note: Students often choose tutors based on accent, so be sure to include your English accent in your Bio as well.🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇿🇦 🇨🇦

Step #2. Find Your Niche

Are you great at Business English? Do you specialize in Test Prep?

You can use your Bio for advertising your niche. Students might pick you because of your hobbies or your occupation. Maybe you’ve lived abroad and can speak another language–or 2 or 3! 

Students often look for a tutor who can understand their culture or teach them specific things related to their job or interests. 

Pro tip: They’ll be able to find you with keywords in your Bio, so really focus on what matters. 

For example, if you have experience in any of these things, you could list “medical terminology”, “pilot”, “IELTS”, and so on, because these are keywords students may be searching for!

This is how the search feature finds tutors based on keywords, such as the keyword “pilot.”

Step #3. Allow Students to Share Your Chats

A lot of Cambly students enjoy sharing videos of their lessons on social media, especially YouTube.

If you’ve ever been asked by a student or Cambly if they can share a video of your lesson, you might want to consider this. 

It can be a little scary for sure, but the return can be incredible! Getting your name out there is like a recurring burst of advertising— students might see your video a long time after the initial recording and reach out to you because they want you to be their teacher. 

If you’re not interested, no problem. But if you’re curious about the possibility of how this can benefit you, take a deep breath and consider saying YES! 

This exposure can take your online tutoring presence to the next level.

For example: This video posted by a student received over 1.6 million views! That’s over 1 million possible students who now would love to learn English with you!

Step #4. Take Advantage of The Flexible Cambly Schedule

Last but not least: consider working weekends! Students are looking for great tutors to chat with on Saturdays and Sundays!

If you can’t do both days, maybe pick one and put your availability in your profile.

Also, opening your schedule in advance is also a great way of securing more reservations because many students like to book their schedules months at a time.

Now that you’re getting your name out there and students notice your profile, what do you do when they actually call?

Check out my colleague Sandra’s tips on winning over regular students, or pro tips from a super tutor on how to make new students feel comfortable in your class.

Do you have any more steps that you would like to add to this list? Let me know what has worked for you in the comments below!

Happy Tutoring, CamFam!

About the Writer 
Molly was born and raised in Tennessee, USA, where she graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language. She was a high school Spanish teacher before joining the Peace Corps and moving to Ecuador, where she lived and worked as a TEFL teacher for 4 years. When she’s not gardening or caring for her chickens, she works full-time for a global start-up company and enjoys cross-cultural environments and interacting with people who hold different interests, values and perspectives.

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