EXTENDED BONUS: Earn up to $300 for Referring 3 Friends!


Due to popular demand, we are extending the $300 for 3 referral promotion for another 4 weeks (8/11-9/8). If you successfully refer THREE friends to Cambly Kids, instead of the usual $30/referral x 3= $90, we will top your referral bonus to $300 total!

Hey CamFam,

Did you know that you can earn $30 per successful Cambly Kids referral? For the next 4 weeks (8/11-9/8), if you successfully refer THREE friends to Cambly Kids, instead of $30×3=$90, we will top your referral bonus to $300 total!

How to earn your $300:

  1. Spread the Word about Cambly Kids: Share your unique referral link with your friends and family, and your wider community. Not sure how? Watch this video.
  2. Earn $30: Once your friend is approved, you will receive $10. Once your friend tutors 10+ hours, you will receive another $20. The $30 will be paid automatically with your weekly tutor pay
  3. Earn $300: Once you successfully refer THREE friends, you will be automatically paid $30×3=$90. To claim the rest of the $210, simply message tutor support with your friends’ Cambly login email and we will process your pay right away!

We hope some of you can take advantage of this special promotion! Have questions? See the Q&A below. As always, feel free to message Tutor Support with any questions you might have.



How many friends can I refer to Cambly Kids and how much can I earn? 

There is no limit to how many people you can refer and how much you can earn. We will pay you $300 for EVERY THREE friends you refer successfully. For example, if you refer NINE friends successfully, we will pay you $900!

I am a Cambly Kids tutor and I am hesitant to refer other tutors because I am worried about my own hours. 

We totally understand your concern! However, Cambly and Cambly Kids will ONLY onboard new tutors when there is increasing student demand. Right now, a lot of students/parents are looking to learn on Cambly Kids! The average Cambly Kids tutor is fully booked, hence why we are looking for new Cambly Kids tutors!

I am a Cambly tutor and I am interested in tutoring on Cambly Kids myself! What is the next step? 

That’s great to hear! Simply fill out your Cambly Kids profile here and hit submit! Please remember to read up on Cambly Kids first to make sure the program is a good fit for you!

What if my friend gets approved for Cambly but not Cambly Kids? 

No problem. If they tutor 10+ hours, you will still earn $20/referral. 

What if only two of my friends get approved to tutor on Cambly Kids? 

Congrats If they tutor 10+ hours, you will earn $60 ($30/each x 2)! Refer a third friend and claim $300!

Happy Referring! πŸ₯°

2 thoughts on “EXTENDED BONUS: Earn up to $300 for Referring 3 Friends!

  1. Hello, does it have to be their login email to get the rest of the bonus? They might think that is personal information? What about their username that appears in our referral history?

    1. Hi Lili! Great question. I would say retrieve their login email when you can. However, if they are hesitating to give their email then take note of their Cambly username and just explain to Tutor Support that they were uncomfortable sharing personal information. 😊 I hope this helps!

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