Teaching English Online Without a Degree is Easier Than You Think

Teaching English online without a degree is often a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be!

Picture this: you’re all set to get started teaching English online. You’ve got the props, the positive attitude, the workspace, and then you look at the job requirements: a degree. 

Dun, dun, dun. 🎶

Perhaps life took you on a route without University, or maybe you’re still a student, and you’re thinking, “how can I get started teaching English online without a degree? Is it even possible?” 

We’re here to tell you that heck ya, it’s possible! 

Not everyone follows the University road, and that is entirely okay. There are many ways to make money online without a degree, including teaching English online to a global community where you pick your own schedule, hours, and students! 

I know, I know. It sounds too good to be true, but let me introduce you to an incredible language learning platform with a toucan for a mascot. 

The best platform to teach english online without a degree: Cambly!

Teaching English Online Without a Degree on Cambly 

Cambly, an English learning startup from San Francisco, California, believes in education for all: no matter your nationality, language, or economic situation. 

As a company, Cambly prides itself in offering top-quality education to a global student base at an affordable cost because they believe that everyone should have access to learning English. 

With inclusivity at the heart of all they do on the student side, there is no exception on the tutor side of Cambly. 

Cambly understands that we all come from different walks of life, including our educational choices, and therefore does not judge someone’s ability to tutor English based on their educational background.

No degree? No problem! Cambly will welcome you with open arms and a list of thousands of students to teach!  

How Do I Get Started Teaching English Online With Cambly?

You only need three things to get started with Cambly: 

  • A computer or laptop 
  • Headphones or earphones
  • Quiet workspace

A positive attitude and friendly smile helps, too. 😉

Teaching english online without a degree on Cambly will leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Allow me to tell you a little about the application process so you know what to expect. 

Pssst… it’s the most effortless process ever. The whole application will take only 10 minutes

First of all, you’ll head to Cambly’s website and click the apply button. Then the website will bring you to a page where you create an account, fill out all of your contact information, and record an introduction video. 

There is no formal interview process for Cambly. Instead, they rely solely on what you include in your introduction video to judge if you would be a good fit for teaching English on Cambly. 

So, the video is the most critical part of the whole process!

Here are some tips for acing your introduction video: 

  • Record on a steady surface with a clean and tidy background 
  • Use a headset or mic for optimum audio quality
  • Record in the daytime or in an area with plenty of lighting (no shadows, please!)
  • Dress to impress (covered shoulders, no hats)
  • Introduce yourself (don’t be afraid to brag about why you’re the perfect tutor for Cambly
  • Show personality! 
  • Keep the video under 3 minutes 

If you follow these guidelines and have the passion, desire, and excitement to teach English on Cambly: you’ll pass with flying colours!

Have you heard enough and are all ready to apply to teach English online without a degree on Cambly? Click the button below to apply easily!

Keep reading if you still want to hear more reasons why Cambly is an incredible platform to work for. 

Do I Need Any Teaching Certifications to Teach on Cambly?

So often, you’ll get through the entire application process for a teaching platform only to realize that you have to upload a teaching certificate. 

This leaves you thinking, “Oh no, now I need to pay for this teaching certification before I start making money online.” Well, you won’t run into this problem with Cambly!

There is no requirement for a teaching certificate with Cambly! 

Cambly does not require any teaching certifications to get started on the platform, making them unique from every other teaching company. 

Sure, it is an excellent bonus if you have completed a TEFL certification, but it certainly is not a requirement. 

Most tutors get started with zero experience and learn on the job, which is fantastic because it allows you to discover the best teaching style and curriculum. 

For example, you may discover after a few months of teaching that you enjoy helping students prepare for important examinations, and at which point you can pursue a teaching certification so you can serve your regular students better!  

The Best Part is That You’re Fully In Control of Your Schedule

Most language learning platforms require you to teach unnatural hours of the day (cough, 4 a.m., cough) or for a minimum amount of hours every week. 

Cambly has none of that! You’re entirely free to work as little or as much as you please. 

You can choose to work the usual 9-5, a night shift, or for only thirty minutes per day. The schedule is entirely customizable to you and your life, making it the perfect puzzle piece that’s missing in your daily routine.

Managing your reservations and schedule on Cambly looks different to everyone, and that’s the beautiful thing about it. 

You have total control of your life.  

No minimum hours, no specific times of day, and no boss telling you what to do! 

The autonomy over your life and schedule is what makes Cambly perfect for literally anyone. 

If I Haven’t Sold You on Cambly Yet, Get This:

You can work from anywhere in the world! 🌎

Yep, that’s right: anywhere! The world is your oyster, quite literally. 

Work from anywhere with the world while teaching English online without a degree. Only with Cambly!

Many tutors choose to live in other countries for part of the year, optimizing for happiness, adventure, and travelling. 

Cambly sends pay via PayPal every single Monday, so you never have to worry about getting paid while overseas. 

For example, while tutoring with Cambly, I have worked from Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the U.K., Canada, and Portugal while pursuing my University degree remotely! 

If that’s not enough to get you to hit that apply button, then I don’t know what is. 

Wishing you the best of luck with your application! Comment below if you have any questions about the process, we will be happy to help guide you.

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