I received a mysterious email about my background. What does this mean?

Dear Cambly, 
I received a mysterious email saying my tutor intro video had background issues. What does this mean? My background? Are you investigating me? Or are you talking about my messy bookcase?

Signed, Curious 

Hi Curious,

I have good news and not-very-bad news.

Good news first: we like you! 

We think you might be a good fit for Cambly. Now for the not-very-bad news: something in the background of your video stood out but probably not in the way you wanted.

Background issues can be anything from other people visible behind you or that logo on the wall from a different teaching platform.

We’re looking for a neat background without a lot of distractions. This could be all those things you’ve meant to store in the basement but never got around to or that chirping smoke detector that needs a new battery.

Before recording your introduction video, it’s a good idea to put away that small mountain of laundry behind you, make sure you’re in a quiet area and out of the way of your roommate who likes to dance around the apartment. Make sure your camera in on a nice, stable surface so that the video isn’t bouncing or moving.

Tutors need a good strong desk or table, not a folding table, to put their computer on, so that the video doesn’t shake. This rules out putting your computer on your lap as well.

You might also want to think twice about anything personal on the wall behind you that has your full name and alma matter. We’re looking out for your privacy!

By the way, your family, friends and former students are beautiful but out of respect for their privacy, please don’t include them in your video.

We just want to see you.

If you receive one of these Background emails and want to submit a new video, just follow the instructions in the message.

We’re excited to see you. Good luck!

If you are already a Cambly tutor and want to know more about what we look for, please check the tutor guide under Workstation.


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