Why can’t tutors review Cambly classes?

Dear Cambly,
Why can we, as tutors, not review the classes? I know that it helps a lot of students do so, and it would also help us improve our teaching styles, meet needs, figure out a good plan, and develop some curriculum. Progress with a student and truly help, connect, and engage. Is this an option?

Signed, Curious

Dear Curious, 

We understand your concern and frustration, and we appreciate your desire to become a better tutor for your students. We need more tutors like you who care so much!  

The shortest answer as to why tutors cannot review Cambly lessons is due to students’ privacy

The Cambly team thought long and hard about allowing tutors access to the videos. However, once we did some deep dives into how this would impact students’ learning ability, we discovered that the tutors having access to the recorded classes would make many students feel uncomfortable. 

We found that many students felt some level of comfort knowing that only they had access to the recordings, especially in certain cultures. At Cambly, we value students’ comfort and trust so deeply that we would hate to hinder their confidence in class knowing that their tutor can watch back their video. 

Although, please rest assured that you’re not the only tutor who has asked us this question. Despite us not being able to provide access to your recorded lessons, we regularly discuss how to introduce a personalized feedback system that is constructive, valuable, and encouraging. 

Until then, we recommend having candid conversations with your students about their goals where you ask them how you can be a better tutor for their needs. 

Personally, I have asked my students plenty of times to be brutally honest about the things I’m doing well and the things I could be doing that I’m not. Usually, students are more than happy to provide you with that feedback because they will achieve a more personalized English learning experience. 

I hope this helps, and hopefully, you understand why we cannot provide tutors access to the recorded lessons. 

P.S. Happy Teaching! I’m sure you’re an excellent tutor. 

With love, 


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