Does Cambly offer alternative payment methods to PayPal?

Dear Cambly,

Is there any way to be paid by other methods instead of via PayPal? For people not on US dollar-based accounts, the exchange rate is exorbitant in comparison to other options. 

Signed a non-U.S. citizen

Dear Tutor, 

First off, I entirely sympathize with you. PayPal can be such a pain, especially for those who do not have US bank accounts or similar currencies. 

At the moment, PayPal is Cambly’s only payment method, but the team is actively looking for new forms of payment that will serve the majority of you more conveniently. 

I recognize that Cambly has been saying they have been exploring new options for a while now. However, please rest assured the issue of payment comes up regularly in team meetings, and we are all over it like a toucan on a papaya! We are researching the best option for most tutors, and we ask for your patience during this time as introducing a new payment method is highly intensive and requires some time. 

We’ll notify you as soon as we find an alternative payment method. Until then, hang in there, and don’t hesitate to reach out to Tutor Support if you have any questions regarding payment. They’re a lovely bunch and would love to help you! 

Kind regards,


3 thoughts on “Does Cambly offer alternative payment methods to PayPal?

  1. I have been stuck in Mexico due to Covid for some time now, unable to return to my own country because the waiting list for Managed Quarantine is thousands long and it will be about April/May next year before I get a place. Now PayPal have decided to be difficult about the fact that I am in a different country to where my Account is registered.and have blocked my access to my account again (this is the second time they have done it in 8 weeks) and have now told me I must open a Mexican PayPal account. So once again they have blocked my access to my pay. The stress that this is causing me is really getting me down.
    So please Cambly – find another method of making payment to us soon. What about something like Wise?

    Stressed out Tutor.

    1. Hi Claire, I’m terribly sorry that you are going through such a stressful time right now! 🙁 Will PayPal let you set up a Mexican PayPal account and transfer the funds into that account? I certainly hope so!

      We are working as quickly as we can to bring you another payment method, we are looking into TransferWise and a few other platforms. This is definitely a top priority for the Cambly team! In the meantime, I hope everything goes well with PayPal and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tutor Support if we can help in any way at all.


  2. Thanks for your response Meagan. To set up a Mexican account they tell me I have to close my NZ account. This week, I have not received my Cambly pay – I know that Cambly sent it but PayPal have not credited it to my account. I am somewhat loathe to close an account that is awaiting an inwards funds transfer! I have contacted PayPal again, but after 3 days of waiting I still have not had a response from them. Cambly Tutor Support is also looking into it for me. Meanwhile, my bank account continues to decrease, and my stress levels increase!

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