I’m worried about a bad rating after my student showed up 18 minutes late to class. SOS.

“Dear Cambly,
Do we have to answer a Cambly kids student if they are past 11 minutes and on Priority Hour? I had a parent get upset because they arrived 18 minutes late, and I told them their lesson will be shortened due to their tardiness, and I had a student right after them. I was also concerned about the review they would give me since I had to shorten their lesson. Is it possible to not allow them to review us when they are late? I honestly don’t think it’s fair to get a bad review due to their negligence.
Thank you for hearing us out! You guys are awesome!”


Dear tutor, 

Whew, that can be frustrating! When you’re not on a PH, you do not have to answer when students are more than 10 minutes late. However, with PH, calls need to be answered as they come our way. You did everything right in this situation;  thank you for being so courteous! You answered your reservation and explained the lesson would be cut short due to the late arrival. If your student had trouble connecting and that’s why they were late, you could suggest they contact Student Support to make sure they receive help and don’t lose out on their minutes or lessons. Knowing things will be resolved can take some of the heat out of the situation (and off you!)

As far as the ratings go, don’t worry about it! The quality and guidance team extensively filter unfair ratings that seem off or out of place and will not include the one random lousy rating (especially if it is not your fault!).

Most of us behind the scenes at Cambly are tutors ourselves, so we definitely understand the frustration of a student or parent not regarding the rules and then reflecting in our rating, at no fault of our own! We’re human, we get it!

Also! The Tutor Guide has some invaluable information regarding the rating system, which will set your mind at ease. You’ll also find a helpful video on the Cambly Tutors YouTube channel where Tutor Molly talks to us about increasing our tutor rating. I’ll link that resource below because Molly also includes little bits of information about the rating system, in general, that might help you out! 

Lastly, thank you for being awesome and for caring about your success as a tutor on Cambly. I’m not the awesome one: you are! 


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