How can I get a letter that proves I’m a contractor with Cambly?

Hi Cambly Team!
I remember a few years ago it was possible to ask Cambly to provide a letter to tutors showing they are contractors on the site (for reference or proof of work purposes). Is this still available? How can we request a letter? Thank you!!

Signed, eager tutor


Yes, we still offer this, and luckily it’s super easy to get! 

All you have to do is write into Tutor Support with the letter request, including your tutor name and email you use for Cambly. From there, we will send you back a document that serves as proof of employment. 

It looks like this— so that you know what info the letter contains!

Re: Income and Independent Contractor Verification

To Whom It May Concern:

Super Dee-Dooper Tutor is an Independent Contractor of Cambly Inc. in the role of English Tutor. They have been in this role since April 1, 2018. As an independent contractor, they are self-employed and can choose how much they would like to work on Cambly each month, tutoring students of all ages from around the world. They are paid every week via Paypal from the Paypal account “Cambly.” In total, they have chatted with students for over XYZ hours. The standard Cambly Tutor Agreement contracts them. CAMBLY INC.

I hope this helps!

-Your friend, Cam

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