Cam, how do I access the SuperTutor contracting opportunities?

Hi there, I recently became a supertutor and was wondering how I could get access to short-term and long-term contracting opportunities (as written in the Supertutors Program Benefits article in the Tutor Guide) and engage with Cambly more. Cambly has such an amazing impact on both students and tutors alike, and I’d love to support the Cambly community further by engaging in such opportunities.

Looking forward to your answer, many thanks!

Hi friend! 

First of all, congrats on reaching SuperTutor status; that’s amazing! I’m sure you’re an excellent tutor and a great asset to the Cambly team. 

The best part about the SuperTutor badge, aside from the cute little trophy you get next to your tutor name, are the various contracting opportunities that become available to you with Cambly. 

Cambly doesn’t have a clear page of where you can access these jobs. Instead, when a contracting opportunity comes available in either marketing, tutor support, or quality, we email all SuperTutors with details about the position and how to apply. 

So, we will come to you if there is an opportunity available! 😃

However, our blog manager Meagan is always up for hearing new ideas and may reach out if you leave a comment under the contact page. Leave your name, email, and message in the spaces provided, and she’ll get back to you when there is an opportunity with the blog or social media!

Thank you for your genuine interest in working more with Cambly. We are always looking for new, passionate tutors to collaborate on various projects, and we can’t wait to work with you someday! 

Have a great day, 

-Your friend Cam

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