✨Sunday PH Bonus Extended Until December 19th! ✨

Dear Tutors,

November is here, and so is Black Friday, and you know what that means: more students than ever! We are moving into a peak tutoring season before the holidays, which will mean more available work, so buckle up! 

In response to an influx of students, we are offering a special bonus when you sign-up for Priority Hours during peak hours any Sunday, starting November 7th until December 19th at 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 UTC. That’s seven Sundays to take advantage of this bonus! 

For your convenience, we have marked the PHs that fall under this bonus window with a blue triangle. (If you hover over it, the text should read “+ bonus opportunity“). 

You can learn more about this bonus opportunity in the Cambly Help Center.

Bonus Structure

Tutor any Sunday November 7th – December 19th at 20:00 UTC – receive 30 minutes of extra pay
Tutor All Three PHs on any Sunday – receive 60 minutes of extra pay

Note: You must tutor on 20 UTC to earn a bonus. If you only tutor 18 and/or 19 UTC, then you will not earn a bonus. Regardless of your timezone, 20 UTC will always be the last hour in the set of slots with the blue triangle. If you’re worried you are signing up for the wrong slot, you can use this timezone converter here.

Please note that access to priority hour fluctuates based on supply and demand. Sign-up for these priority hours now while you still can!

P.S. You will receive any bonus payment that you earn along with your regular tutor pay for that week. For example, if you tutored on Sunday, November 14th for all 3 PHs, you will receive your 60 minutes of extra pay in the normal pay that you will receive on Monday, November 15th! This bonus is labeled “cambly_priority_hour_bonus_payout” and is added to your pay as a misc credit about an hour before the payments get processed.


10 thoughts on “✨Sunday PH Bonus Extended Until December 19th! ✨

  1. I’m surprised at these times being in high demand. Those don’t seem like very good times for Asia – who is this targeting (student-wise)? Saudi Arabia? Brazil?

    1. Hi Laurie! You gotcha. Cambly has received a lot of new students from the Middle East & South America. 🙂

  2. I am finding the available PH hours during this bonus period on Saturday and Sundays for the past 2 weeks very minimal compared to weekends before. I am literally showing 5 for this Saturday and 6 for this Sunday coming. A lot less than previously.

    1. Hi Allan! Yes, this is most likely due to the popularity of the PH bonus. We recommend to snatch them as soon as they come available. Happy tutoring 🙂

  3. I am new so I apologize in advance for this question. If I sign up for these PH and I do not get a call do I qualify for the bonus ?

  4. I completed two out of three hours offered for the Bonus. Will I still complete the bonus? If so, when and how will it reflect on my account? So far on my dashboard no extra pay has been reflected as of yet. Thanks !

    1. Hi Alana! Which two hours did you complete? You must tutor 20:00 UTC to receive an extra bonus of 30 minutes. You will only receive 60 minutes of extra pay if you completed ALL three PH’s (18:00, 19:00, 20:00). If you only tutored 18:00 and 19:00 then you will not receive a bonus payment.

      If you were eligible for a bonus, this bonus is labeled “cambly_priority_hour_bonus_payout” and is added to your pay as a misc credit about an hour before the payments get processed! I hope this helps.

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