Additional Payment Survey Update! πŸŽ‰

Hey CamFam,

Wow! We’ve received such an incredible response from the additional payment survey that found its way to your email boxes a few weeks back. Bringing an additional payment to you aside from PayPal has been a top priority for quite some time now, and we are thrilled that the process is gaining traction. We appreciate your patience as we iron the kinks out and find a solution that works for everyone.

With that said, we wanted to thank you all so much for taking the time to fill out the survey. The team recognizes that the survey raised many questions and concerns. But, your feedback and responses are immensely helpful as we pursue these additional payment options for you. 

The team learned a lot about your interest in additional payment options, and we found that the majority of you would like to receive payment through ACH and Wire Transfers, and PayPal payments with lower foreign exchange rates. Thus, we are happy to announce that we’ve partnered with a payment solutions provider to allow for multiple payment options! πŸŽ‰

Our goal is to start rolling out these options in the first few months of 2022 to start the year off on the right foot. Our urgency is mainly due to the unavailability of PayPal in countries like Thailand starting in the new year, and we want those of you living there to rest easy knowing that we’ve got your back! 

If PayPal works great for you, don’t fret! PayPal won’t be going anywhere, as we assure you that the payment method we introduce will be in addition to PayPal.

Thank you so much for your feedback! We cannot wait to bring a new payment method to you!


The Cambly Team


Is Cambly replacing PayPal with a new payment method, or will this be in addition to PayPal?

Great question! Don’t worry, PayPal isn’t going anywhere. The Cambly team is just trying to find an additional payment method for the tutors who have issues receiving their pay with PayPal.

If receiving your pay via PayPal works well for you, you can certainly keep using this option.

Will I still be paid weekly?

Yes, absolutely! You will still be paid weekly, regardless of the payment method.

When will Cambly introduce the new payment method?

There is no set date to implement the additional payment method, but we will let you know as soon as we decide. But, it will be in the first few months of 2022.

Will each tutor be able to individually choose the method they want or is it going to be a majority vote?

The Cambly team will offer multiple options so the tutor can choose what is best for them!

I receive an annual 1099 from PayPal because of the state I live in. If Cambly starts offering ACH payments, will I still be able to receive a 1099?

Of course! Cambly would continue to provide all the same services you currently have with PayPal.

22 thoughts on “Additional Payment Survey Update! πŸŽ‰

  1. Hi, I do all of my international money transfers with Wise (Transwise). Very good exchange rates, quick and fair!!

    1. Hi Joachim! Wise seems like a very popular option, I’ll pass your feedback along to the team!

  2. PayPal is stopping me using my account from 18 February 2022 based on new Thailand regulations. So PayPal is not an option for me. The only option is for Cambly to pay directly into my Thailand bank account.

    1. Hi Geoffrey! The team is aware of the new Thai regulations, and they’re working super hard to find a solution before they start! Thank you!

  3. Paypal in Thailand announced that you will have to register a thai business licence to receive money to your Paypal account from February 2022. I know Cambly has a lot of tutors who live in Thailand, so hopefully there will be alternative options available before then.

    1. Hi Anton, the team is aware of the new Thai restrictions, and they’re working fast to find a solution before the new laws kick in! Thank you!

  4. Payoneer is an excellent payment service. You get a card and can withdraw your funds anywhere and you can use it as a debit card.

  5. I am crossing my fingers that they add Payoneer as an option, for countries such as mine, PayPal and Wise are not viable options and lead to multiple headaches every payday 😩

  6. Is anyone able to explain what US & International ACH and US & International Wire Transfers are and the different pros and cons between these and the pre-paid debit card, please? I’m based in Turkey if that makes any difference. Appreciate any help anyone can give, thank you!

  7. Payoneer & TransferWise work perfectly for me! I would love either of those options and I am sure others would too!

  8. PayPal in Thailand is stopping personal accounts from 18 Feb 2022.

    Please find another payment option soon!

    Can I suggest “Wise”?

  9. I love using wise. It allows me to accept payment in any currency and is so fast! Payment transfers take less than 5 seconds.

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