How can I protect my mental health in a sea of Negative Nancys?

Dear Cam,
Ever since the massive hire recently, the CK group chat has become a Negative Nancy hotspot, and it’s not as friendly as it was 3 years ago when I started. Being a veteran CK teacher myself, it’s really sad to see what it’s becoming. You have new tutors complaining of pay or how this platform wasn’t like their last etc, and older tutors responding in an annoyed way. There’s also a big elephant in the room, in regards to schedules being slower to book in recent months, and worry fills the room everyday with posts from tutors about this. I want to be as helpful as I can, while also protecting my joy, positivity and hopeful point of view. I’m considering removing myself from the group chat altogether. Do you have any suggestions? Will CK ever address the tutors regarding the issues mentioned?

– Nostalgic Tutor

Dear Nostalgic Tutor, 

I totally get it. It’s almost like Debbie Downer came in unannounced and crashed your fun party! The environment in Cambly Kids Corner usually is an immensely helpful and cheerful space, so it definitely stands out when there’s an influx of negativity.

Regarding the negativity in the group, we’ve seen it, noticed it, and felt the same way as you. The group’s admins are actively thinking of ways they can target this and make it a more positive experience. Their goal is to create a more positive, regulated, and overall encouraging space like Cambly Corner. So, don’t leave the group! We need more people like you spreading your positive and friendly energy. 

With that said, I understand the desire to protect your own mental health, and you should absolutely do what you feel is right for you. However, we are working on tackling this negativity and body slamming it!

With the Black Friday sales that are running around this time of year, Cambly hires many tutors to keep up with the increasing number of students, so that is probably why the elephant in the room (gaps in scheduling) is more prominent now. This general feeling of worry and concern happens around this time of year because tutors fret about receiving enough work around the holidays. Still, every year it evens out to normal again within a few weeks. Think of it like growing pains for a couple of weeks! There are a bunch of new students and a bunch of new tutors, so it takes a while to get back to a state of equilibrium. Don’t worry; everything will return to normal in no time. 

P.S. Thank you for being a shining ray of light. :sunny:

Your friend, Cam

2 thoughts on “How can I protect my mental health in a sea of Negative Nancys?

  1. I have read this several times and although I am not a CK Tutor I would just like to say. I found Cambly fb page full of comments I would prefer not to read so my personal solution has been to enjoy the niche I have created for myself on Cambly. I stay away from any negativity so that is how you protect your mental health. Do the very best you can everyday, be happy and enjoy your work I have been a tutor on Cambly for 2 years and I am looking forward to many more! Enjoy all of the plus points of Cambly. 🙂

    1. Hi Rebecca, I completely agree! I’m glad that you’ve found a good system to maintain your energy and positive outlook. 🙂 You’re right, Cambly has a ton of positives! As a tutor myself, I love the flexible schedule and that I get to meet students from all over the world. It’s amazing.

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