What should I do when I want to take a break from CK?

I want to take a break from Cambly Kids but still work on Cambly. This is because my adult classes are very popular, and my students can not get the class times they want. I teach a specific area of English, which is why. I also live in a country that is not my own, and sometimes move around, which can be hard to have a permanent setup for Cambly Kids, and that means I don’t feel I give the quality other tutors can give to the classes. What do you suggest, Cam?

Signed, the traveller

Dear Traveller, 

Wow! Congratulations on all of your bookings and popularity; I’m sure you bring tons of value to your students (kids and adults!)

I also used to teach online while travelling around quite a bit. I would move from apartment to apartment, city to city. I get it. It can be super overwhelming, especially when you want to maintain a professional setup for teaching children. 

The great part is that you can take a break from teaching on Cambly Kids any time you wish, and you can resume at any time as well! That’s the beautiful thing about Cambly; it gives you complete flexibility to work when you want, how you want, and as much as you want. 

If it would make you feel more at ease and diminish some stress in your life, I would say to take a little break from Cambly Kids and use this as an opportunity to get to know your adult students a little more. Plus, you’ll get to share exciting stories from your travels with your Cambly students! I remember my students always loved to hear about my travels, and it made the class that much more enjoyable. 

In regards to your concern about a quality setup: don’t sweat it! Teaching children isn’t all about the fancy props and background. Really it comes down to how well you can engage the student and get them excited about learning. Tutor Elena recently wrote and recorded a great YouTube video talking about ways you can incorporate budget-friendly props into your CK setup. I think this blog and video could really help you out should you decide to keep teaching on CK while travelling! 

The moral of the story is: Do what you believe is best for you. Take advantage of the flexibility and freedom that Cambly provides, and just have fun! CK will always be there for you after your break. 

I hope this helps and save travels! 

Your friend, Cam

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