CK FEBRUARY Peak Hours Bonus


Happy New Year! The start of a new year is always an exciting time, and we want to celebrate the turn of the calendar year by extending our CK peak hours bonus. 

The bonus is a little different this time, and much more exciting! Here’s how it works. 

This bonus will start this Friday, January 7th and run every day until January 30th for tutors who teach between 09:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC, where you will make $13.20 per hour (0.22 per chat minute) rather than the usual $12.00 per hour (0.20 per chat minute) during these hours. 

You can choose to tutor anytime during the three-hour time frame, and at any day of the week!

For example, you can tutor from 10:00 UTC – 11:00 UTC and make $13.20 per hour, or you can choose to work the entire three hours (09:00 UTC – 12:00 UTC) and earn $39.60

P.S. You will receive your bonus payments on the following Monday along with your normal pay. This bonus is labeled “ck_peak_hour_bonus_payout” and is added to your pay as a misc credit about an hour before the payments get processed. 

For questions, please see the Q&A section below. 

Cheers to meeting more fabulous students in 2022. ✨

Happy Tutoring,



If I would like to participate in this bonus, is there anything I need to do as a tutor to be eligible? 
No, as long as you are an active Cambly Kids tutor, you are automatically enrolled in this bonus!

Do I need to tell someone after I complete my hours? Do I need to send in screenshots?
No need! We will do a calculation to see how many bonus hours you’ve completed and pay you directly. 

What happens if my student is a no-show?
If your student no-shows for a session during the bonus timeframe, then you will receive 10 minutes of pay at the bonus rate. This will replace the usual 10-minute credit that you get when a student normally no-shows. For example, a no-show 10-minute bonus will be 10 X $0.22 = $2.20.

7 thoughts on “CK FEBRUARY Peak Hours Bonus

  1. Hello Cambly! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been working evenings this week from 6-9pm EST and a lot of kids in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan) are on Winter break. Some told me until March. It might be a good opportunity for another Cambly Kids bonus?

    1. Hi Bee! Great point, I’ll pass this along to the CK team and see what they can do. Happy tutoring!

  2. I’m a little confused. I can’t see priority hours for Kids Only on my calendar – I can only see see normal adult priority hrs.
    How do you select Kids only? Or do I just open my booking slot for Kids only?
    Sorry if it’s a dumb question

    1. Hi Adrian! There are no dumb questions here! You do not need to be on Priority Hour to earn this bonus with Cambly Kids. You simply just have to tutor anytime between 09:00-12:00 UTC to earn more. 🙂 I hope this helps!

  3. I’m getting a lot of bookings on Friday evening and Saturday evening EST which is Saturday and Sunday morning in Asia. Today is only Sunday and all 6 hours of my open slots are already full for NEXT Friday and Saturday. This is also a good time for a Peak PH Bonus. 🙂

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